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  • At the start of 2016 in the best interest of our stud we decided to make the serious decision of resigning from the Boran society and deregistering all our Borans knowing full well it would have serious long-term consequences. This became necessary because we had a serious conflict of interest at the time on how the society conducted inspections and how animals were culled for reproduction. The high costs to members of the society because of the way the society was also lavishly spending money only benefiting a few of the bigger breeders was also unacceptable.

  • Females were being deregistered on first calving dates and inter calving periods not considering the vast differences in feeding and management of breeders that led to animals performing very differently, it mostly had nothing to do with the genetic makeup or ability of the female to reproduce. The culling standards were not set to high at all, it was just unfair and not good for the breed that conditions regarding feeding and management determined whether an animal must be culled or not. When BLUP values with high accuracy would later become available figures could have then been used to accurately class out the actual weaker producers as BLUP removes the effect of the environment. To be honest we were just not prepared to again get caught up in the politics of stud breeding that I knew so well, it is all about how one can manipulate the system and make the rules for your personal financial benefit and very rarely about improving the animals.

  • We had started Borans to fit in with our farming management strategy of being able to make it through the bad times because the good times look after themselves, put differently we wanted to guarantee still making money no matter how bad the times may be. Often this meant that it was more important to save money than make it. This strategy had proved itself beyond doubt with the development of our Meatmaster sheep and we did not intend to also breed a new cattle breed as we were convinced the Boran offered us all we needed, we saw this in Kenia, all we needed was to be left alone to do our selections the way we wanted to for our long-term success.

  • Our starting point was to immediately stop the feeding of any form of licks to our Borans. From that day they would receive only rock salt the same as our Meatmasters. The severity of Nature was to help us select for genetically superior fertility, growth, and adaptability. Within three to four years, we drastically improved the genetics of our entire heard. This was possible because during that period we simply culled the 25 % worst producers each year and nature helped to accurately identify them.

  • Now free to do our selections the COLLETT FARMING WAY we could start out to be 100% committed to breeding a Boran that can truly be the mother cow for South Africa because of her maternal traits, functional body structure and adaption to our harsher environments. Our bulls were to be very masculine, heavy, and deep in the forequarters with strong muscling over the back and loin. Hindquarters must have just sufficient muscling. Most importantly bulls and cows had to carry enough body fat to take them through the tough times receiving no help what so ever At the same time we have passionately selected for all the traits such as disease resistance, tick resistance and a docile nature that we believe will win the hearts of South African Cattle breeders.

  • We have taken the long route of building a stud with the best genetics and all breeding done naturally in an extensive environment. This is in stark contrast to what most other breeders have been doing by simply multiplying genetics rapidly to have animals to sell and make quick money. By doing so we have established a heard that is fertile, can rear calves adequately and maintain body weight through dry winters without feeding.

  • We will not preach one thing and then do the opposite as is customary in the stud industry, as every breeder strives to breed the most expensive, oversized or rather over muscled bulls. Forgetting in the process is what his breed is really all about and what it is meant to contribute to the South African cattle industry.

  • We concentrate on a medium framed Boran with excellent balance between length depth and width. Functional efficiency and the ability to keep condition is more important than excessive muscling.

  • We do allow for variation in type to a point as without variation you cannot make genetic progress.

  • We have found that not all Borans have the ability to maintain condition in times of drought or during the winter as is claimed, but that there are defiantly some outstanding animals in this regard. We are focusing on these animals getting the balance just right between amount of milk and the ability to maintain body weight. These two aspects are at constant war with each other, and few breeders make the effort to select them in harmony.

  • To breed polled Borans was from the start our obvious choice as more than 80% of commercial cattle Breeders prefer Polled Bulls. For the first time in 2020 the entire calf crop was 100% polled.



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