TLM 5047: Walking here with het calf from the 2014/15 calving season from HEADBOY. She won the Landbou Weekblad/SA Studbook Platinum cow award for the Boran breed

Collett Farming cc ~Superior Genetics ~ won the award for the most productive cow for 2013. We actually obtained the first 3 places with 3rd: TLM 5038, 2nd, TLM 5045 and 1st: TLM 5047. Though we are very proud of this achievement we hope that more breeders will do performance testing so that we can get more accurate figures out there and identify even better performing cows, and not just better looking cows. (Left- Mario du Preez, right- Clynton Collett)

TLM 5047: TLM 00-11 X GF 39 T Most productive cow for 2013. Truly a cow that has proven herself over and over. Not just a top performer but the quality of all her calves from different bulls have been excellent. Here she is standing with an UMVUBU TLM 3-65 polled bull calf. Apart from her performance, she is an average cow, with excellent pigment. Although she is white, she’s got a dark skin, with black hooves and pigment around the eye’s, ears and nose.

TLM 5045 – Natural polled out of TLM 00-11 x GF 25 O. 2nd in the most productive cow of 2013. Here with a polled Umvubu calf. Her calves have all done well here by us. The bull calf on the photo was sold for R80 000 out of hand.

TLM 5038: TLM 02-1 x GF 39 T. A very tough cow regarding droughts. She will take the bull under any circumstances, she maintains herself even in very tough times without any form of supplements or lick. She has always calved out of season, and so to measure her up properly against our other cattle we let her skip to bring her into our normal calving season. Same as with TLM 5047, she might have a gray / white coat, her pigment all over is black


Borans have good legs
Our Borans must have good walking ability. They have to climb mountainous areas with ease, even when they’re pregnant

CC 10-24: HVT 95-21 x TLM 4132. This appendix C heifer comes out of a fantastic little cow. Here she is still pregnant but she has calved in the meanwhile and its really a promising young calf. We are excited to what the future holds for this young cow

CFH 08-369: An “YSTER” daughter with an polled UMVUBU bull calf. The calf is currently 12 months of age and is really performing well among his contemporaries

CC 11-10: MHB 05-18 x TLM 5028. This young polled heifer was early pregnant on the photo and has calved in the meanwhile. She calved form UMVUBU. Being our of a really top cow namely TLM 5028, we trust that her future here at superior genetics is a bright one

Boran cows with good udders.
CC 10-16 and CC 10-26 Showing that our Boran cows have beautiful udders to rear their calves sufficiently under almost any circumstances



A group of young heifers with their calves walking in the reeds, the only food source they will have for about 6 months of the year. This is where the Boran breed has truly proved itself, with its mothering ability. With other breeds that we farmed with we use to loose about 2-3 calves per year from cows leaving their calves in the reeds and being unable to find them again. In nearly 8yrs of farming with the Boran we have not lost one! Truly a mother breed

KB 9 B (Natural Polled): PM 14 R x GF 40 O. Here with an Umvubu heifer calf. We have sold her to Hurwitz Farming at our 2013 Production Sale

Cow eating in the reeds





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