What follows are the sires and dams of the bulls and cows that make up Superior Genetic Stud

KPO 1017
Sire to Headboy and also Ramaphosa sold for R750 000. This photo was taken when we were in Kenya in 2011. He was 13 yrs old

Mother to Headboy

AJB 04-81
Dam of The One. Her Sire is K6K 3094 and her dam is KIM 45

TLM 02-4 Caeser
Sire of “THE ONE”. “Caeser” is out of K6K 2459 and KPO 898
This bull was widely used in SA. He was owned by Francois Smit

KIM 45
Grand dam of The One


K6K 3094
Grand sire of The One

TLM 05-526 - Koning
The bull that was sold for R900 000. He is also the sire of Royalty. At the start we where not very fond of the Koning but when we started seeing his female progeny at a variety of farmers, we saw that the bull has some very good traits. Being on the look out for a son of his for a while now and we found the best one (in our opinion) at the National sale in 2013

KPO 694
Half brother to KPO 786, sharing the same father KPO 1279

K6K 2762
Dam of Umvubu.  She is a natural polled

TLM 02-12
K6K 2459 x ZF 3675 Grandsire of Legend on the dam side. We also used some semen from a full brother of his, Lobase


TLM 04-507 - Buster
K6K 2459 x KPO 961. We purchased cows pregnant from this bull. We have sold all of them in the meantime but are now evaluating calves from his son, Cojack and they look promising

TLM 02-1 Buffel
K6K 2459 x KPO 4203: Sire of Koning. We never personally used this bull but we have some of his daughters in the stud. He has done well. They are bigger than ave cows.

HVT 03-19
A bull whose semen we used. Owner of the bull is Mr. H Derckson. He is a horned bull but the bull has excellent legs

KB 28 W
PM 14 R x GF 31 R

CI 08-30 Cojack
TLM 04-507 x GF 159 U. A bull we never purchased semen from or used ourselves but we did purchase cows pregnant from him at the Circle C dispersal sale. We did get a couple of heifers from him and we are pleased with the way they are performing thus far.



KPO 4203
Mother of TLM 02-1 “Buffel”




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