When Clynton was visiting on his uncle’s farm in Zambia during the late 1960’s he was for the first time introduced to some Boran cattle. He was fascinated by their sturdy body structure and muscling on a small body frame. It was strange that at no stage had this unique African cattle breed crossed the South African borders.

On hearing about the importation of Borans during the early 1990’s Clynton once again became interested in the breed, but knowing about all the hassles of embryo transfers, he decided to wait until the animals could be bought. Realizing that the breed was becoming more and more expensive he decided to buy 10 SP females and a bull on Terry Mclintoc’s dispersal sale in February 2006 as this was arguably the best Boran Stud in South Africa. We immediately mated the beautiful polled bull (UMVUBU) we had bought for R 130 000 to 80 stud Nguni and Bonsmara cows to start up an appendix section.

We sold our polled Nguni stud in 2008 and kept back the few A Boran heifers

In 2007-2008 we also bought in a number of appendix A and B polled heifers upgraded from African breeds such as Africanders, Bonsmara, Droughtmaster, Beefmaster and Tuli to broaden the genetic base of our stud

Since 2008 we have bought in a further 8 SP females

In 2011 we had a total of 104 SP, C and B Boran stud female animals.

To build this heard of females we used semen from only the best bulls in South Africa

We also had our own excellent Polled Bulls, TLM 03-65 Umvubu, MHB 05-18 Nite and our own bred polled bull CC 09-53 Checkmate.

Having reached our goal of a 100 stud females from more than 38 different sires representing all of the best Kenyan and Zambian bloodlines available we are now concentrating on genetic heard improvement.




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