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We believe long term success can only be achieved by making 100% use of data collection and performance testing and fully understanding what scientific selection all is about. And making 100% use of phenotypical selection on Meatmaster type and conformation and knowing and understanding what and why certain traits should be selected for to make sheep more profitable.

STUD SHEEP: SCIENTIFIC data recording and selection

A very strict and accurate recording system is maintained, and all data is stored on the Bengufarm program and sent to SA Studbook for performance and BLUP analysis purposes. This analysed data is then sent back to us and again captured in the Bengufarm program for further analysis and selections.

For purposes of registration and scientific selection captured data includes the following:

ID No - date of birth - father -  mother -  wean weight 100 days -  post wean weight 270 days.

We always remember that the computer cannot think it is just fantastic at making accurate sums, thus we are fanatical about the accuracy of the data we send in especially the environmental and management groups makeup. We must make sure we are always comparing apples with apples else all our work will be worth nothing.

From gathering just this data we receive the following valuable information:

  • Performance data – Ewe production index for all ewes - 100 & 270-Day index for each sheep - (age first lamb, inter lambing period, number of lambs borne, number of times lambed, number of lambs weaned, for each ewe.

  • BLUP breeding values expressed as an index for each sheep in the stud to compare them for the following: - wean direct weight, wean maternal weight, Post wean direct weight, Growth index, Reproduction index, LMI a total revenue index.


  • We can compare all sheep in the stud regarding – Growth - Reproduction – Number of lambs weaned – Weight of lambs weaned – economic value and much more.

  • Up to 13 generation pedigrees with information of some sheep has been gathered over the years.

  • Having maintained seven blood lines over the years this pedigree information makes sure we never have an inbreeding problem without ever having to buy in a ram from outside.

  • With the press of a button, we can identify our lowest income producers for sale purposes or select our highest income producers as Stud Sires.

CONFORMATION selection and recording

  • It is so important to evaluate each sheep for Meatmaster type, functional efficiency, adherence to breed standards and conformation and then to cull those that aren’t up to standard.

  • Without however recording this information it is also of very little value for future selection

  • We have 85 different codes to identify bad faults or good traits and our Bengu farm program will record them all.

  • Each sheep is scored for conformation and for Meatmaster type at weaning and at 12 months and the score out of 9 captured on the program.

  • Photos are taken of rams used in the stud and of their dams and stored in the program.

  • The colour of each sheep is also recorded.

With again just the press of a button we can see on a single screen for each sheep an endless amount of information with photos to help us make very accurate decisions regarding selection.


  • We use Bengufarms genetic module to do our mating’s. It will extract all information from the main Bengu program.

  • All ewes and rams to be mated are selected and the number of ewes to be mated to each ram.

  • The minimum and maximum growth and reproduction values are then selected for each trait we want the progeny to be borne with.

  • Certain mating’s can also be blocked if necessary.

  • Inbreeding we also block at a maximum of 4.5%

  • By the press of a button the computer will then run through the masses of data gathered and give us the very best mating for each ewe.

  • Without sufficient and Accurate data and a good computer program this is totally impossible.

Thus, before birth we already accurately know the potential growth and reproduction of each lamb and what the conformation would most probably look like. This is most likely what has given us a lead on other stud breeders and the reason why our stud has twice won the most prestigious BEST SMALL STOCK HEARD OF THE YEAR AWARD.

This is also the Best Guarantee any stud breeder can give his clients on what they can expect from the animals they buy as it eliminates the effect of feeding and management on the animal concerned.



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