Meatmaster Carcasses at one of the National Slaughter lamb competitions

With our Meatmasters we are fully aware of the fact that it is no good just to breed a very tough hardy and fertile sheep that grows well. We also have to deliver to the market an acceptable carcass able to obtain the best grading possible. We are very excited that in a relatively short while we have managed to achieve results that are much better than expected.

Not only do we get a good grading on the big numbers we have slaughtered monthly, but have also for interest sake entered some lambs for the National Slaughter Lamb Competition held at Bethulie.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the results as we never expected we would compete with breeds known for their good conformation such as the Dorpers, Mutton Merinos, Dormers etc. There where 59 groups entered and our Meatmasters managed a 9th place.

There where also 236 single carcasses entered, and here the Meatmasters managed a 22nd, 23rd and 55th placing. The Lambs averaged 41.5 kilograms live weight. Although on the hoof their weights surprised everyone, as they where obviously off their mothers, they where still ignored by the judges as it was never realized that once slaughtered their carcasses would look so good.

It is never our intention to win this competition as we realize that, to breed a truly profitable sheep, we have to get the balance just right between a conformation suited for easy lambing and very high fertility and a carcass acceptable to the market. With the placing we received we are convinded we have got the balance just right.




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