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  • With our Meatmasters we are fully aware of the fact that it is no good just to breed a very tough hardy and fertile sheep that grows well. We also must deliver to the market an acceptable carcass able to obtain the best grading possible.

  • We are very pleased that all abattoirs and butchers are only too glad to except our lambs and that we now get better grading than we ever got with some of the breeds we farmed with in the past.

  • We do get about three % A4 or A5 from time to time on carcases above 28Kg this is totally acceptable to us. Because the carcasses are heavier than our average weights of between 20Kg to 24Kg. we get the same amount of money for them, and often more.

  • To us the losses are the A0 or A1 that could not even be marketed. We see a bit of excess fat as positive not negative if it is not localised as this helps our sheep to be more fertile and better doers in times of drought.

  • We were very pleasantly surprised when at ALFA week in Parys our Meatmaster ram was judged to be the best ram from which to breed slaughter lambs amongst all the best meat breeds in the country. This was mainly due to his very correct conformation and functional efficient body structure and not because he carried the most meat.

  • It is never our intention to have nearly the best carcass conformation as that type of sheep often has trouble walking, lambing difficulty, or reproduction problems. We are convinced we have got the balance for confirmation just right between good growth, fertility, easy lambing, and an acceptable fine grained juicy well marbled carcass for slaughter.




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