Oldest rams at the top

CRC 0025
The first ram that has made an impact on the Meatmaster breed. He was more widely used than one can realise. He had 133 progeny in our stud with average weaning index of 104 and 270 day index of 97. Was still used in 2010 in Mr. Hennie Dercksen herd, and he didn't have a tooth in his mouth

CRC 1070
Also one of our original rams that had an excellent coat and a deep wide body, a real thick set ram. Had 182 progeny in the stud with an average of 100day index of 101 and 270 day of 101

CRC 3080
Son of CRC 1070. Had 84 progeny in the stud. Very good coat and good balance. 100 day index of 100 and 270 day index of 101. Very positive BLUP figures for multiple births

CRC 3371
Very long bodied ram with excellent coat. Had 92 progeny in stud. Positive BLUP figures for wean and post wean. Ram was brought in from our commercial herd

CRC 4264
This beautiful ram also out of CRC1070, had 29 progeny but was undoubtedly the best 1070 lamb used. One of very few rams that BLUP figures for all aspects are in the top 40% or top 10%






CRC 4403 - Renaissance
Bought by a CONSORTIUM, had a 117 lambs in stud. Ave 100d index – of 99, and Post wean of a 101. His BLUP figures are very average

CRC 4348
This son of CRC 3080 left 123 progeny in the stud also a ram with very good BLUP figures. Except for growth maternal

CRC 5031
A very beautiful son of CRC 3371. He had 71 Progeny in the stud with ave. to above ave. BLUP values

CRC 5056
One of a twin. A very proud lamb from CRC 3371, that had 28 progeny in stud. This ram had Remarkable BLUP values, being in the top 10% with 4 of his BLUP values

CRC 5090
This grandson of CRC 1070 had 75 progeny in the stud. Was a good fat ram, but lacked growth






CRC 5332
This is a grandson of 0025, and had 69 progeny in the stud

CRC 6258 - Bakgat
A very well balanced, deep, smooth ram. We could not use him to long because he died from Pneumonia. His daughters are performing very well. His BLUP figures are also in the top 10% for NLW

CRC 6258 - Bakgat
As a lamb, already showing excellent muscling!

CRC 6311 -  Masterpiece
Sold to the same consortium that bought his father CRC 4403. Eventually died with Boemie Saaiman in Ladysmit

CRC 6311 - Masterpiece
While he was still with Anysberg Farming, running here on Lucern






CRC 6167
Son of CRC 5056

CRC 6201
One of a twin

CRC 7180 - Rooinek
Sold to Jannie De Villiers from Namibia for R21 000. Very good growth figures, and a couple of his sons are being used in the stud. Son of CRC 4403

CRC 7005 - Logo
At his new owner

CRC 7005 - Logo
As he appeared on our auction. One of our leaner bloodlines. They perform excellent when receiving food but has it tough through times of drought






CRC 7417 - Buccaneer
Sold for R42 000 to a consortium. This ram must be one of the most widely used rams in the country. Where ever I go from North to South, East to West. I inevitably find someone that used this ram or his semen on a breeding program

CRC 7417 - Buccaneer
Through the toughest of droughts he keeps his condition! Buccaneer - Remember the name

CRC 7224 - Hercules
Sold for Breed record price of R82 000 in 2010. Hercules is out of a absolutely fantastic mother CRC 5228. This ewe gave twins every single time she lambed

CRC 7203 - Spot-On
Spot-on and Hercules share the same father CRC 5031 but has different mothers. This makes a huge difference even when Spot-on is one of a twin and Hercules not

CRC 8299 - Ultimate
Son of CRC 7005. Same Pro’s and Cons as his father. Excellent covering with very good posture and legs, but a leaner type






CRC 8386 - Chopper

CRC 8314
Son of Logo

CRC 8110
Son of Reneisance

HK 8599
A Ram that was bought in from Mr. Henk Kearney

CRC 9069
Son of the twin sister of CRC 6201






CRC 9203
Son of Hercules

CRC 9300
CRC 6167 x CRC 7489

CRC 9412 - All-Rounder
Son of Buccaneer, sold for R21 000 at our 2012 Production Sale to Mr. LPJ Fourie

CRC 2418

CRC 2425






CRC 9340 - Judge
One of the most prominent Buccaneer sons, he is also now in Namibia. Mr. J Hannekom

CRC 0301
New owner, Mr. J Hannekom, Namibia

CRC 0329
CRC 7180 Rooinek x CRC 4255

CRC 0587 - Muscleking
Also in Namibia with Mr. J Hannekom

CRC 2380 - Royalty






CRC 1779 - Genetics

CRC 1323

CRC 23339 - Rocket
Sold JH Hannekom - Namibia

CRC 23339 - Rocket
Sold JH Hannekom - Namibia

CRC 1363 - Blup








CRC 0560 - Pronk (Showoff)
JH Hannekom ( Namibia)

CC 3034 - Lucky

CRC 2174 - Huistoe





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