By means of staying abreast with all the latest scientific methods of selection and close co-operation with animal scientist we will continue to lead regarding selection for the four most important traits of direct growth to wean, maternal growth (milk), post wean growth and number of lambs weaned (Age first lamb, inter lambing period and death of lambs to weaning). This will enable us to:

 ●  To continue being a leader in the Stud industry and to remain focused on breeding productive sheep able us to in the long term dominate the meat sheep industry of
     South Africa.

 ●  On the scientific side continue to supply scientist with animals and blood samples as we have done for the past 9 years to help us with research for the best genetics in
     our breed to further ensure that we stay focused on selection for the correct traits to lead meat sheep breeds in this regard.

 ●  Also stay abreast with what is happening in the field of genomic selection. 50 Blood samples where also gathered from all our 9 different bloodlines to establish the
     Meatmaster genetic ties to other breeds so as in the future to identify clusters of genes that can be selected for regarding traits coupled more breeds.

 ●  Because we believe that to be truly the best at stud breeding you have to have the balance of genetic selection 100% and also phenotype selection 100%. We will thus
     always ensure that we continue breeding totally functionally efficient animals, that are pleasing to the eye and not just sheep with good performance figures.

 ●  Continue to supply the commercial sheep farmer with truly efficient Rams increasing their profitability.

 ●  For sales we will support mainly Veld Ram Sales and also help to start more.

 ●  We will continue by means of courses to help breeders understand why it is so important to breed a balanced sheep and not run away with selecting for a certain trait
     causing other traits to go back drastically.

NB: Because of our genuine interest in improving sheep breeds we will investigate to in the future work with like minded Meatmaster breeders but also breeders of other breeds to form a breeders group known as Pinnacle breeders group to establish a brand for selection and sale purposes concentrating on doing things right as stated above.


It is important to know that we have sold many live animals of various breeds all over the world but specialize especially in supplying Superior Genetic embryos. We have sold more than 5 000 embryos to numerous countries where the breeds we supplied have made a terrific impact and have also from countries like Australia been further exported to the rest of the world.

 ●  We offer international sheep breeders all the opportunities and advantages of acquiring genetics from our Meatmaster stud that will ensure them of Superior Genetics
     due to the selection strategies set out above.

 ●  We also hope to continue in the future to help countries acquiring South African genetics source the best animals for live and embryo export.

 ●  Breeders buying our genetics will be helped by means of courses to get to know the breed better and also to help them with future selections.

 ●  We will also be prepared to help clients market the breed in their country by means of field days and lectures.

 ●  Because of our excellent soft ware computer programs overseas clients also have the benefit of receiving all our breeding records and BLUP values to enable them to be
     the best with their breeding programs in their country.




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