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Around 2000 after plus minus 30 years of breeding various Sheep Breeds most successfully, and despite having excellent sale and show results, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the Stud Breeding industry because of several reasons. Each Breed Society proclaimed its breed to be the most economical with which to farm, but when looking at what they were selecting for it was more about a perfect picture of their breed than real profit driven selection. My problem was thus more with the people and what they do to breeds than blaming a breed that is only being allowed to evolve according to the selection of the breeders. Commercial Breeders have been forgotten in the process and their needs not taken into consideration.

During that period, I was also fortunate to have spent time in Australia for fourteen years in a row working with farmers I had formed partnerships with and the Australian agriculture department assessing the S.A. breeds that had been imported and how they can add value in their environment. I personally had exported between three and four thousand embryos of four different breeds for the partnerships and for sale purposes, so things were done on a large scale. Addressing Australian farmers numerous times at large expos and field days and working with their agriculture department was of great value to me and I learnt a lot in that time.

I learnt not just in S.A. but around the world especially on a trip to Brazil that Stud Breeding had become something of a sport people played. You get together a few times a year and see who can win the Show and sales game by having the champion animal or getting the highest price. Production and reproduction in by far most cases was overlooked and the main emphases was always on the perfect picture of the animal in the ring. The scary part to me was that that picture was often in conflict with the type of animal needed for economical meat production.

Members become so fanatical and carried away with this game that any positive criticisms are viewed as an insult to the breed or taken very personally.

The game also fuels jealousy and self-interest as many members even resort to treachery and deceitfulness in their pursuit to win the game or make the most money short term.

Most annoying is the fact that despite all this, most Breed Societies and their members are able to bluff themselves that everything is being done to improve the Breed economically and that the breed is indeed the best to farm with commercially.

Also seeking the goodwill and blessing of outside role players such as the Wool and Meat industries, Breed Societies and Breeders allow them to influence their selection, not realizing that these role players first interest is, and rightly so, either the Wool or Meat industry and not the Breed or the Farmer.

These frustrations gave birth to the realization that the meat Sheep Farmer most of all needed a Breed and a Society with one aim in mind: To promote economical and profitable commercial sheep meat production based on lowering input costs and selecting for optimal sustainable production.

I am very proud to have initiated, along with some other likeminded Farmer Entrepreneurs, the development of a Sheep that later led to the establishment of the Meatmaster Breed.

We started developing the Meatmaster Breed in 1994 and since 2000 have bred only pure Meatmasters. A stud heard of 700 registered stud ewes all recorded and performance tested and a heard of 1000 pure Meatmaster ewes for commercial purposes with only our best stud rams being used on these commercial ewes as well. Our Stud is one of only a few that can guarantee that our Meatmasters will breed true to type due to SCIENTIFIC SELECTION over many generations for specific traits. This is why our stud has been named each year for the prestigious small stock heard of the year award and elected as the winner on two occasions amongst all South African sheep and goat breeds. This is an honour not just for us but for the entire Meatmaster breed.

Because we realize that short term financial greed and people are the problem and that the Meatmaster Breed can lose its focus in the long term, we en-devour to remain committed to breed a sheep that will always put the most money in your pockets.

Daily we are attracting more and more open-minded Breeders which all have the same aim in mind: To farm with a sheep that places the most money in their pockets.



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