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  • We believe emphatically that nature applies the best selection of all, and we go out of our way to allow that to happen. For all our Meatmaster selection we consider it vitally important that all sheep are at all times run just on the open veldt, NO feeding (flush feeding, creep feeding, feed when the ewes have lambed, feeding of lambs after weaning) is allowed other than pure salt or rock salt). Only exceptions are ewe lambs with twins or big ewes with triplets that will run on small near the house.

  • We have a 70-75% to 25-30% policy for feeding. Only in severe cases if more than 30% of the sheep show severe cases of malnutrition in a drought will we consider intervening. We will then mark to sell the stragglers and remove them from the heard and concentrate on the 70% strongest and make sure they survive.

  • Sheep are dosed twice a year, once before mating and once before lambing. This is mainly done with a broad spectrum to assure that our sheep are always protected from sheep scab that is sometimes found on neighbouring farms rather than to control parasites. During very wet times and severe high concentrations of parasites the same 70% - 30% policy is used. The 30% showing signs of parasite stress are identified and removed to sell. The remaining sheep are kept until some of them literally start to die. Only then will we treat the lot as the situation is deemed critical.

  • This may sound rather harsh to some but remember we are striving to improve our stud genetically and although we think it is good for some breeders to select for parasite resistance according to the famacha method we believe it is better to put all stud sheep under feeding and parasite stress so only the cream survives and flourishes as often the reason for blood deficiency is not defiantly known and sheep with pale eyelids are still doing ok, or vice versa. By what we do we believe we are getting rid of all the weaker sheep no matter the reason that are costing us money or leading to deaths.

  • All sheep are also inoculated for pulpy kidney, Pasteurella and Brucella Ovis (Rev 1) and for bluetongue as lambs. These are the real killers, and we believe should not be skipped by any breeder.

  • Remember adaption is a real problem for sheep when moved from one area to another or even from one farm in the same area to another. It is often best if buying in from another area to spoil your sheep for a while and as they adapt to gradually lessen the feed and dosing using the 25% - 75% model for selection.

  • Remember we do not to treat our commercial ewes as harshly as they are there to make the most money for us and we will always be waying up our extra costs and risks to the potential income gained.  For example, In a bad drought we may wean lambs early and put them in a feedlot as it makes commercial sense, while our stud lambs inevitably stay on the veld. Importantly remember the genetic improvement constantly comes from the very strictly selected stud rams used on our commercial ewes.



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