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  • Contact us for farm sales of commercial rams from R 4,000 to R 6000 and ewes from R1,700 +. These are sold just off the veld and can be sold so cheaply because of our very low cost of production.

  • Bear in mind that our 170 best recorded rams are sold on our production sale and society sales.

  • 250 of our best recorded ewes are also sold only on our production sale.


  • All Boran cattle sales are just of the farm and all animals are sold just of the veld, no feed, or licks.

  • We keep only about 10% of our very best bulls a year for on farm sales. These are all bulls out of cows and bulls that were fully registered.

  • These excellent bulls are sold from R16,000 to R 30,000 depending on age and quality. They can be sold at these low prices because of our low cost of production and not because they are in any way inferior to bulls being sold on other sales in the country.

  • Please contact us well in advance if you are interested in a bull as we keep bulls only for our potential buyers.



Clynton Collett

082 463 5936  



Mario du Preez

081 489 0198



La Rochelle Farm, Bethulie

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