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After being a successful stud breeder of 8 South African Breeds, I can undoubtedly refer to the two breeds we offer you as being the most profitable and superior. 45 Years of Stud Breeding, studying animals and applying the latest scientific selection method with nature to lower input cost has taught us the value of:
  Farming with in Harmony and Balance with Nature
  Composite and Indigenous Breeds for Profit Driven Selection
  Breeds that are adapted to their Natural Environment
  Selecting for Profitability instead of Aesthetics and just a pretty picture







Collett farming is a family owned and run company excellently supported by the well-trained staff. Being run on Christian principles has led to a strong bond being formed between workers and management. We need to fully trust each other for Collett Farming to flourish so all can benefit from our joint successes.

We see Collett farming firstly as our mission field where we endeavour to carry out our great commission wherever our business takes us locally and abroad. We realise that each one will be held accountable for the choices they make and that only God and the trinity can convert. We can only endeavour to show the way by truly showing love and kindness to all but also by standing up without fear for what is right in this liberal and corrupted world. He who truly seeks the almighty God creator of all things will find Him and his perfect eternal plan of salvation in Jesus Christ. Donít look to us for perfection we realise we are just forgiven sinners by Godís grace endeavouring to do His will as we walk closer in His footsteps tomorrow than we did today.

We also have two sons Neville that is an attorney and farming in George, and Wayne that owns Easy Life Kitchens in George and Port Elizabeth. They also manage the rentals for Collett Square our office block in 32 York Street. Please visit their offices for office rentals, legal matters, and quality kitchen and household cupboards.




Clynton Collett
Mainly in charge of breeding programs, selections, re-cording of data & general farm management.

Mario Du Preez
Mainly in charge of advertising, cattle, lands, pivots, machinery, and general farm management.

Angelique Du Preez
Mainly in charge of Miniature Donkeys, wages, and home schooling of children.

Dora Collett
In charge of all financials: accounting, banking, account payments and investments.

Eric Taaibos
General farm manager and communications with farm workers



Clynton Collett

082 463 5936  



Mario du Preez

081 489 0198



La Rochelle Farm, Bethulie

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