Position of farms

La Rochelle yellow

Driefontein red

Stoetvlei light blue

Eighty grazing camps al with good water allows for excellent grazing systems for at least ten herds


Two of the three pivots and the river.  Google earth is not up to date. Our winter feed pivot is in the centre of these two and this photo was taken when the Lucern lands where just established. They are now in their third year of production. 98% SA Standard and 2% Super Aurora.

After stopping all forms of irrigation for nearly 12 years, we started up 2 pivots in 2010 and then another one in 2012. Two with lucern for storage for times of droughts and one for winter grazing. And this year (2015/16) it has proved to be a real GOD SEND.

Grass, clover pastures at the homestead with the house and flat attachment, big shed, sale complex and the fabulous crawls and handling facilities. A new big shed was erected for all implants, not shown on the photo.

Driefontein’s yard and fountain dam with excellent Bass fishing

All over the farms streams from the hills are dammed up to flood the veld.


One of the two big dams in the river with extra masses of feed

Another dam with more masses of summer feed

Partial photo of the house before the new flat extension and part of the lands

Part of the house before the built on flat.

Spruit in Winter. Even in Winter the weir holds a vast amount of water. (Driefontein)


Spruit running over. 22/1/2011 (Driefontein)

26/08/2006 (Driefontein)

26/08/2006 (Driefontein)

22/1/2011 Weir running over (Driefontein)

22/1/2011 (Driefontein)


River Flowing (La Rochelle)

One of the weirs where we used to pump to irrigate (Stoetvlei)

The excellent state of our veld due to good grazing systems. (Driefontein)

Young bulls at the river. (La Rochelle)

South Africa’s Boran Platinum cow of the year and her calf in summer veldt (25/2/2009) (Driefontein)


Meatmasters on the veld 10/3/2014 (La Rochelle)

Platinum Cow rearing her calf on broken veld. (Driefontein)

Red grass utilized by cows in the vlei veld.

Borans grazing in the river bed in the summer.

Ngunis grazing in the riverbed during summer


The fountain dam at Driefontein during winter.

Boran weaner calves on Rygrass under pivot during first month of weaning. (La Rochelle)

Calves on Rygrass pasture during month of weaning. (La Rochelle)

Bulls keeping condition well, even when in large group of cows on typical summer flat veld. (Driefontein fountain camp)

Boran pregnant heifers in hill camps, warm during winter. (La Rochelle)



Afrino’s in the grassveldt below the hills during winter (La Rochelle, hills in background is part of La Rochelle)

One of smaller dams dry

Commercial ewes with their lambs off the veld in the drought of 2015/16. This group of 157 ewes and 192 lambs has received NO, extra feeding or lick. This was our own on farm test to see how far we could push the limits. Hammels was put in to a on farm feedlot where more than 50% of them was finished with in 13 days with a ave growth of 710g/ day





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